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Top 6 Ways to Avoid Valentine's Day

Kristen Chandler

I don't know about you, but I start dreading February 14th on January 2nd, because that's when Target puts up the Valentine's Day displays. It's really "heartless" considering many of us have yet to recover from kissing a total stranger on New Year's Eve...or kissing no one at all. Not sure which is worse. I take that back, I've done both and a kiss-less NYE is definitely worse.

By February 1, your fate is sealed-- if you're not already seeing someone, rest assured you won't be on February 14 either. It's too awkward to start dating someone that close to Valentine's Day.  So, it's time to consider plan B--avoiding it altogether. Here are some suggestions:

(1) LEAVE TOWN | Book a trip with a girlfriend to a country that's never heard of Valentine's Day. No one will judge you there!

(2) GIRLS' NITE | They say misery loves company, but with my girlfriends, misery isn't miserable at all! Champagne, chocolate and girl talk with my besties is FAR BETTER than most of the Valentine's dates I've had. If you're in San Diego, I highly recommend our Single Ladies' Party Bus. It's like girls' nite on steroids. Nothing embraces the day like 50 single women on a PARTY BUS stocked with champagne, chocolate and free jewelry! 

(3) KID PARTY | If you're a single mom, you can always throw a kid party. There is nothing shameful about hiding behind your children, decorating cupcakes and playing some games. You could be an angel and invite your married friends' children to give them a night out! 

(4) GET TAKE OUT AND HIBERNATE | In the name of all things holy, don't go out to dinner alone. Settle for sushi for one, a bottle of wine, and a movie--something humorous. Whatever you do, don't watch The Notebook for gosh sake.

(5) DO YOUR TAXES  | While it would be nice to get a fat refund from Uncle Sam at the end of the night, I can't really endorse this suggestion. However, for those of you who are uber productive, this payoff might be a great alternative!

Of course, I want you on Flirt! Ring's Party Bus. We planned our launch on Valentine's Day because we know, oh, don't we know.... how sucky it is to be single on February 14. But not this year--we're throwing the ultimate Girls Nite: 50 single ladies with too many stories, champagne, chocolate, music, dancing, and our final destination...The Shout House for their LOVE STINKS, LET'S DRINK party. Plus, you get the best party favor ever...a sterling silver Flirt! Ring. I really hope you come. Click LAUNCH PARTY in the menu bar to reserve your spot. Valentine's Day ISN'T GOING TO SUCK this year!

If we don't see you, have a wonderful day! It's only 24 hours. And because it falls on Sunday, you could pretty much sleep through it. And that, my friends, is THE 6TH WAY to avoid Valentine's Day!