Flirt! Ring

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common question is this: Is there a Flirt! Ring for men?

There is not. When that spark happens and a man sees that the woman who has captured his attention is single, we are trusting he'll move the connection forward. Men are engineered to pursue. By wearing your Flirt! Ring, you've already answered his first question.

What is the reason for wearing Flirt! Ring on my left pinky finger?

When we have an instant connection with a man, or even notice him across the room, the first thing we do is check their ring finger to see if he's married. Men do it, too. It's instinctual. The problem with that is the absence of a wedding ring does not necessarily mean a woman is single. There is a huge grey area between married and single. In a glance, Flirt! Ring takes the guesswork out of a woman's status and paves the way to a real life connection.

What if I'm wearing my ring and am approached by someone I'm not interested in?

This can happen with or without Flirt! Ring. Friends, there is nothing wrong with kindly saying, "I'm flattered, but no, thank you." Too many times women feel compelled to lie about their status to avoid saying, "No." It's an unnecessary diversion, and guys know it. Keep in mind, men will notice your ring after he notices you. Chemistry happens naturally. Flirt! Ring is about moving that spark forward.

What if my ring doesn't fit?

We will exchange it for a size that fits. Simply ship it back to us and we'll send you a new size, at no additional charge.

How will men know the meaning behind Flirt! Ring?

Rest assured that we have an entire public relations, marketing and social media plan in place that will put Flirt! Ring in front of both men and women. Additionally, men seem to be looking forward to Flirt! Ring as much as women are.


What if I don't want to be approached one day?

That is the beauty of having a piece of jewelry signify availability. Simply take it off. Put it back on when you feel ready to tell the world and THAT guy..."I'm available."