Flirt! Ring

For these single ladies, necessity was the mother of invention.


These BFFs found online dating to be a series of unfortunate events. 

After wasting endless hours pouring over profiles and going on literally hundreds of online dates, Kristen and Becky decided to get off their apps and create a better way to meet men in real life


Becky (R) has a Masters in Education and is a full time teacher with two teenagers at home. 

Kristen (L) is a self-employed advertising professional with three adult children.


Why looking for love should be an offline affair

A whole different set of rules seem to apply to online dating. Courtesy and respect are all but lost, as is the patience to grow a relationship with one person at a time. There are countless articles about why online dating fails to deliver committed relationships. But the bottom line is this: if you're looking for a lasting relationship, you're better off meeting your other half without an app. 

Singles need to get off their apps and flirt!

Flirt!Ring wants to change the way singles meet. Wearing a Flirt! Ring shows you are confident, selective and looking for something real. THIS IS NOT A PICK UP RING. Flirt!Ring is simply an invitation to say, "hello." Chemistry  happens all around us , we simply need to get off our apps and pay attention. If you're hoping for a chance encounter, Flirt!Ring increases the odds.