Flirt! Ring

Ten reasons to get off your app and flirt!                                                                                                                                                                                                            

One. You're worth more: Men have gotten lazy about dating because we've allowed it. Wearing Flirt!Ring is empowering because it not only show's you're single but it sets a standard. When a guy is interested, Flirt!Ring invites his "hello" and reminds him to bring his R game: respectful, romantic and real.

Two. Hope for a chance encounter: Men and women alike hope to meet their partner by chance. Attraction is all around us. Flirt!Ring encourages natural connections in everyday life.

Three. People who meet organically treat each other better. It's just a fact. And at Flirt!Ring we're all about being treated better. How many emails or texts have you had where you thought, "If I were sitting across the table from you in a restaurant you'd never ask me that, or say that, or certainly flash that!"

Four. Chemistry happens in real life; looking for it anywhere else is a waste of time. Been there, done that, over it. You spend countless hours reading profiles, emailing, texting only to meet, and instantly realize there's no chemistry. So you waste yet another hour being polite before going home and starting the process all over again. Who has time for that!

Five. Sex, lies and online dating. More than 80% of online daters lie in their profiles. At least 30 percent of men lie about being single, and the vast the majority confess to using online dating for for hookups. Women however, are looking for their happy ever after. Flirt!Ring helps women meet the real deal, in real life (IRL). 

Six. The absence of a wedding ring doesn't mean you're single. Gone are the days when you were either married or single. Today couples are in long term committed relationships, living together and forming families outside of marriage. Yet we still instinctively check for wedding rings. Wearing a Flirt!Ring  lets a man know you're single, available and looking for something real.  

Seven. Some men need encouragement: Wearing a Flirt!Ring is a subtle way of letting a man know you're available, and it encourages his "hello."

Eight. Increase the size of the dating pool. Contrary to popular belief, not all singles are online. Even if you want to be online, you can greatly expand the offline dating pool by wearing a Flirt!Ring.

Nine. Organic connections produce solid LTRs. It's difficult to bridge the gap between an online profile and the real person. As a result, online dating rarely produces relationships that lead to marriage. But, when it does, a recent study shows those marriages are 3x more likely to end in divorce the first year. Believing there are unlimited options makes a person far less willing to work on a relationship.

Ten. Hope. Every time you leave the house wearing a Flirt!Ring, you can feel hopeful that today might be the day.